• Tooth Coloured Fillings
    Tooth Coloured Fillings

Barnt Green Dental Centre – tooth coloured fillings

If you have heard traditional silver fillings in the past, then the chances are that you feel a little self-conscious about them when you smile or laugh. You may also notice that they are starting to discolour the rest of your tooth. More and more of our patients asking us to change these old fillings the new white tooth coloured fillings and we’re happy to do so. Our award-winning dental team will restore your teeth so that it looks as though you have no fillings at all. Tooth coloured fillings generally last for over five years.

The tooth coloured filling is one that is made from synthetic resin and applied to the teeth they will require minimal removal of any tooth structure and will be strong and durable. They will give your teeth cleaner more uniform appearance. This is one of our most popular treatments.

Why should I choose to have tooth coloured fillings

The reason that most people choose to have tooth coloured fillings is so that when they talk will laugh the darker fillings that they had years ago are not so obvious. These older fillings are also prone to leeching colour into the rest of the tooth making the whole tooth look dark.