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Teeth Whitening at Barnt Green Dental Centre

Teeth that have become discoloured and stained can make us feel self-conscious when we smile. A lot of the things that we do in everyday life contribute to this, from drinking coffee and tea and smoking to having red wine or fizzy drinks. Dull and stained teeth make us look older, but at Barnt Green Dental Centre we have the solution with our teeth whitening program, that will see your teeth gleaming and your confidence soaring.  Our professional teeth whitening will help you to restore your teeth to their pristine white condition and make your smile the best it can be. Usually costing less than £400 this is a great way to give an instant fix to your appearance.

What does tooth whitening involve?

Tooth whitening, sometimes called dental bleaching, is an effective, safe and inexpensive way to make your teeth whiter and brighter. The process involves wearing a tray that has been custom-made and fits over your teeth with a special bleaching solution in it. Usually the tray will be worn overnight, although it can be worn during the day, if you want to.

What are the different types of teeth whitening?

Basically there are two types of teeth whitening treatments:

  • The first is the light activated whitening; laser whitening that is done in the dental surgery.
  • Secondly there is tooth whitening that you can do at home

Both tooth-whitening treatments produce results and will transform your smile within two to four weeks.

What is Enlighten Whitening treatment?

The tooth whitening system called Enlighten is a very popular and effective treatment that will successfully and safely lightens your tooth colour. The lighter shade achieved will apply to anyone, no matter what’s their present tooth colour their age or lifestyle.   Some important facts about enlighten are:

  • The procedure is completely painless
  • A soothing anti-sensitivity serum is included
  • It is designed to avoid gum irritation or any dehydration that sometimes results from laser whitening treatment
  • It works using a lower concentration of bleaching gel when compared to other treatments
  • It offers fast results and a naturally whitened smile

What is the process for Enlighten teeth whitening?

There are three stages to Enlighten teeth whitening:

Stage one:  at the time of your consultation, an impression will be taken of your teeth and sent to the laboratory where customised bleaching trays will be made for you. You’ll be given as special strengthening and whitening toothpaste to use for the two weeks prior to your trays being ready.

Stage two: you will come back to the surgery to collect your bleaching trays and then use them at night with the whitening gel, over the next fortnight.

Stage three: you will have a 40-minute appointment to see your dentist at Barnt Green Dental Centre. Please ensure that you bring you’re whitening trays with you to this appointment.

We do ask that you keep a log of each of the nights that you use the tray as this will need to be repeated precisely when you use the trays on your lower arch so that the whitening is consistent. Always keep the whitening agents in a place that is cool and stop using the whitening treatment if you feel your teeth have reached the level of whiteness you want even if the syringes have not all been used. Always stop treatment if you notice any bands starting to appear on your teeth.

While you were having a whitening treatment, 

  • Don’t drink Coffee or tea, red wine
  • Don’t eat red berries or eat foods that contain intense colourings like curry
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t use teeth whitening bleach if you’re pregnant

Are there any side effects with tooth whitening treatments?

There can be some mild side effects associated with tooth whitening such as:

Sensitivity - this is a common side effect and it will pass. If you’re finding it troublesome you could try using your bleaching trays every other day or use desensitising toothpaste in the tray for an hour each day, to sooth the gums.

Sore gums – A feeling of slight irritation of the guns is quite normal, but if you feel severe irritation you should contact your dentist immediately.

Swallowing some of the agent – although the agent is harmless if swallowed, you should try to avoid this by not overfilling your trays.

The appearance of patches on the teeth – some patchy appearance on the teeth is expected in the tooth whitening process, but if you feel this is excessive contact your dentist.

Tooth whitening –FAQs

How white will my teeth become?

The Enlighten whitening system can you lighten your teeth up to 16 shades. Results will vary of course, but if you follow the process properly you should notice dramatic whitening.  Natural teeth of very rarely brilliant white, so you are aiming more for a clean fresh white look.

Will any crowns or veneers that I have also change colour?

They should not change to any great extent, but you may want to get them changed after your whitening treatment.

Will there be any pain with the whitening treatment.  Is it quite safe?

The Enlighten treatment is completely safe. The materials that are in Enlighten Whitening are ones that have been used in the world of dentistry for over a century. There may be some sensitivity, but desensitising swabs will be given to you to take home, and they will work immediately. Tooth Serum toothpaste will also be given so that you can brush while you await the trays. This will also help with sensitivity.

How long will the treatment take?

The treatment should be complete within 2 weeks as long as you have been wearing them every night for fourteen nights.   Your second treatment that will take about forty minutes in the surgery will be scheduled for day 15.

How long will the whitening last?

The results of your tooth whitening can last indefinitely provided you follow your dentist’s advice for maintenance and that you wear the tray for one night every other month. Continuing brushing with the Tooth Serum toothpaste provided will also help your teeth stay whiter for longer.

Can I spread the cost of my whitening treatment?

Ask you dentist about payment plans.