• Root Canal Treatment
    Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment with Barnt Green Dental Centre

What is root canal treatment?

Also called endodontics, root canal treatment will be necessary if the nerve or the blood supply to the tooth, which is called the pulp, has become infected through decay or injury. If this does happen and the pulp is infected, that infection can spread through the entire root canal system. The eventual outcome of this will often be an abscess. If the patient is not given root canal treatment the infection will continue to spread and eventually the tooth will most probably have to be removed.

The root canal procedure

There are times when a tooth will need treatment to its roots. This will mean that the dentist has to expose the root system so that he can remove the nerve material that is inside it. We now have a special material that we can place into a tooth root, that once in situ will allow the tooth to be filled. The material will expand, over time, and will prevent any bacteria from continuing to affect the tooth, and making it decay

Root canal treatment FAQs

What exactly does the term root canal treatment mean?

Root canal treatment, that is also called endodontics, will be carried out if the nerves or blood supply of a tooth, called the pulp, has become infected after an injury or through decay.

What situation would give rise to the need for root canal treatment?

When the pulp of the tooth is infected, it is necessary to do root canal treatment to stop the infection spreading any further, putting the entire tooth at risk of being extracted.

Will having root canal treatment hurt?

Your mouth and the site of the root canal treatment will be anaesthetised fully. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. As well as treating the pulp of the tooth, any abscesses that have formed will be drained.

Will my tooth look the same after root canal treatment?

In the past, a tooth that has been root filled might often have looked darker, but with today’s methods you should not notice any darkness. If there is any residual area of concern there are several different ways of treating it.

Can the same problem occur again?

It would be very rare for the infection to come back, but if it does it can be retreated

What if I choose not to have root canal treatment?

The alternative to root canal treatment will be to have the tooth extracted. Some people may think this is a better option but we feel that while a tooth can be saved, it should be.

Is the tooth going to be safe after my root canal treatment?

Yes it should be safe but having a crown to support it is always a good idea.

Where would I have to go for root canal treatment?

This kind of treatment is very routine for our experienced dentists at Barnt Green Dental Centre. If you suspect you have problem that requires root canal treatment you should contact us as soon as possible.

Is there any specific after-care that I need to be aware of after my route canal treatment?

Having had root canal treatment, the tooth should be as good as any of your other teeth. You need to clean your teeth and mouth regularly, and come to Barnt Green Dental Centre for regular check-ups to ensure your teeth and gums stay in tiptop condition.