• New Denture Care
    New Denture Care

Denture Care at Barnt Green Dental Centre

We are sure that you will be delighted with your new dentures and the difference they make to your smile. However there are some dos and don’ts that you need to observe to keep your dentures in tiptop condition.

  • Never use boiling water to soak your denture as this may bleach the denture or damage the shape.
  • Do handle your denture carefully and clean it over basin of water so that if you accidentally drop the denture, it will not crack. Treat your dentures as you would your natural teeth and clean them in the same way, twice a day.

Although a lot of people soak dentures overnight, this is not necessary as long as cleaning takes place twice a day to keep your denture fresh and to keep bacteria from forming on them.

What is the best way to clean my denture?

To keep your dentures clean follow these simple cleaning tips:

  • Take the denture out of your mouth
  • Using a small headed toothbrush remove any food that has got stuck in the denture
  • Soak your dentures for just 10 minutes in a denture cleaner such a Steradent to remove any traces of bacteria that may have formed on the denture. There are products that allow a faster cleaning time, such as Steradent Three Minutes
  • If your denture has metal parts it can be cleaned in the same way as dentures that don’t have metal parts but the denture should not be left in any cleaning solution for more than 10 minutes. Speak to your dentist if you need any further advice

Denture care FAQs

How long will it take for me to get used wearing my new denture?

Although your denture will have been custom-made, it may feel a little uncomfortable at first because it is something new in your mouth. It will only take a few days trip to feel more comfortable. If you continue to have problems speak to your dentist.

Will my dentures move around or will they stay in place?

Your dentures should stay in place because they have been designed especially for your mouth. If you do think your dentures are slipping however, ask your dentist for advice.

Are there any foods that I should not eat with my new denture?

In time you’ll be able to eat whatever you want, but to begin with it maybe better to avoid harder foods, like apples

Will I have bad breath?

As long as your dentures are cleaned properly your breath should be absolutely fine. Follow the instructions we have given.

Should I take my dentures out every night?

Is a good idea to give your gums and jaw a rest from supporting your denture all day. However you should never let your denture dry out, so always places it in water if you are taking it out overnight.

My gums feel tender and sore, what can I do to help relieve it?

It is quite common to the mouth to feel tender at first as your tissues adjust to your new denture. This should wear off in time and if it doesn’t you should mention it to your dentist. Applying Bonjela to the gums for 30 minutes before you replace your dentures after cleaning can help ease any soreness.

Do I need to do any other cleaning of my mouth?

It can help to brush your gums your palate and your cheeks with a brush to remove any bacteria build up that could transfer to your denture.

Do I do I still need dental appointments?

People often think that because they have dentures there is no further need to visit the dentist. However it is important that you still visit once a year if you have complete dentures in the upper and lower arches so that he or she can check for oral cancers (these cancers are on the increase in the UK) and for those wearing partial dentures they need to be seen every six months.

Is it okay to use normal toothpaste on my dentures?

Normal toothpastes can be too abrasive for dentures because tooth enamel is stronger then the material that dentures made of. It’s better to seek the advice of your dentist as to which toothpaste is best to use on your dentures.