• Missing Teeth
    Missing Teeth

Barnt Green Dental Centre – Dealing With Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth can be the very worst blow to our self-confidence. Quite apart from appearance we need teeth to chew with, and when one or more is missing it puts a strain on the teeth that remain. We may also not be able to speak as clearly with teeth missing.

The reasons that missing teeth need to be replaced:

Having missing teeth can have a very significant impact on a lot of aspects of our daily life, quite apart from the self-confidence issues. All our teeth have a specific job to do when we chew and they help us to talk clearly and to smile with confidence. As children we have 20 milk teeth that are replaced by 32 permanent as we grow into adults, and we need to take care of those teeth.

The main reasons that we lose teeth

  • The nerve of the tooth may die – plaque will form on the tooth and bacteria from the sugar in your diet will turn into acid. That in turn will dissolve the enamel of the tooth creating a hole. If no treatment is given the nerve in the tooth may become affected and die
  • Inflamed gums – ligaments and tissue are what make up our gums and hold our teeth in place. They are the protection of tooth roots and they also act to stimulate the jawbone to grow around a tooth. If bacteria gives rise to gum inflammation then we will lose those ligaments. The gum will begin to recede and the bone around the tooth will also reduce. This is what we call periodontal disease and it will expose the sensitive roots of the tooth, loosening it, and eventually the tooth will be lost.
  • Tooth loss after an accident – sporting accidents resulting in loss teeth are very common however what you may not know is that this trauma may also cause loss of the gums and also the jawbone.
  • Genetic loss of teeth – in some people being born with fewer teeth is a genetic condition known as hypodontia.

Whatever the reason for your missing teeth, Barnt Green Dental Centre will be able to offer you advice and a solution to restore your smile.