• Metal Fixed Braces
    Metal Fixed Braces

Metal Fixed Braces at Barnt Green Dental Centre

What is a Metal Fixed Brace?

Although, these days there are many different treatment options available in orthodontics, the traditional metal brace or the ‘train track brace’ is still the most popular. It allows for a greater control of tooth movement and, to date, is unrivalled by any other orthodontic system, for its results. 

Using metal braces means that adjustments to tooth movements can be made at a finer level then is possible with the removable appliances. Tweaks can be made quickly and easily during treatment, and this can result in the very best smile. The downside of the metal brace is undoubtedly its appearance, and the psychological effect it may have on the wearer. However, ceramic fixed braces are available as an alternative, for the self-conscious.