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At Barnt Green, our team of dentists will help you understand the difference between metal and ceramic braces. Although the two treatment options have similarities, they differ in aesthetics, usage and cost. 

About metal braces 

Metal braces are highly durable and offer excellent control of complicated tooth movements, making them a popular choice. 

About ceramic braces 

The main difference between ceramic and metal braces is that the former is made of a tooth-coloured porcelain material rather than stainless steel. When paired with clear brackets and white archwire, their appearance is almost invisible. They are usually considered to be a great choice for adults who are conscious of their appearance. 

Why choose metal braces over ceramic ones? 

  • Visible but effective – Though the metal brackets attached to the front of your teeth are visible, this kind of braces delivers great results. If you are worried about your appearance, clear brackets are an option as they are less noticeable when compared to metal braces.
  • Modern outlook for an outdated method – Metal braces are a lot more compact which can make them more comfortable to wear. You have the option to add some colour to the braces by choosing from a range of coloured elastic bands which are used to secure the wires to the brackets. Alternatively, you may want the braces to appear more discreet by choosing tooth-coloured or silver elastic bands.
  • Suitable for the family – Metal braces may be fitted to the teeth of any patient, regardless of their age. They are very effective for crooked teeth and your orthodontist in the Barnt Green, Bromsgrove and Worcester area will advise you on the right type of braces for your teeth.
  • Removable appliances – A removable appliance might be needed before fitting your braces. This is a plastic and metal brace that generally clicks on the teeth and can be removed. They are used for the treatment of tooth displacements or combined with fixed braces to treat more complicated problems. 

Why choose ceramic braces over metal ones? 

  • They are almost invisible than metal bracesCeramic material used for these braces may be either tooth-coloured or clear.
  • They shift the teeth faster than clear alignersOur dentists at Barnt Green use braces that require 6 to 24 months to straighten teeth.
  • You can select your coloursThe elastic bands around metal braces are usually only available in grey, while ceramic braces are available in different colours.
  • They do not interfere with imaging tests. Metal braces may disrupt the signals in imaging tests but ceramic braces produce less signal interference. 

Do metal braces cost the same as ceramic braces? 

Due to the cost of materials, ceramic braces usually cost more than the metal braces. However, the difference between the two treatment options might not be that significant. Based on the extent of treatment needed, you might have to wear the braces for at least six months to two years. The duration of the treatment will be decided based on the complexity of your case rather than the kind of appliance that is being used.


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