• All On 4 Implants
    All On 4 Implants

The All-On-Four procedure is a complete restoration of the upper or lower arch with dental implants that have been fitted with a bridge. This results in a complete set of fixed teeth providing a permanent solution that gives the look and feel of natural teeth. 

At Barnt Green, we use modern techniques to evaluate which treatment will be most suitable for you. We also perform a diagnostic workup to visualise the results before starting with the procedure. This is becoming a popular procedure as more people are realising the benefits of this advanced method for reconstructing an entire smile. 

All-On-Four implants are for the patients who: 

  • Are restricted to eating soft foods or have problems with speech due to loose dentures
  • Have loose or failing teeth and do not want to wear dentures
  • Have a failing bridge and do not want dentures
  • Want a fixed solution for the problem of tooth loss
  • Have several missing teeth in the upper or lower arch 

About All-On-Four procedure from our experts 

All-On-Four treatment is done when we work with your present teeth and build around them by adding four to six new implant teeth. There are other implant options that can be customised to meet your personal requirements; however, All-On-Four implants are a common method of treatment. 

Through the combination of our precise technology and our expert implant team, we are able to offer a comfortable, digitally-guided and painless experience. 

Benefits of All-On-Four implants at our dental centre 

  • Same Day Teeth –You walk away from our centre with a new set of natural-looking teeth and improved confidence – all in one day!
  • Fewer dental implants – Our dentists perform only four to six rather than eight implants for each arch.
  • Immediate function – You can enjoy all your favourite foods immediately after treatment is completed.
  • Predictable Aesthetics – We can successfully achieve your ideal perfect smile without dentures.
  • Avoid the need for bone grafting – You do not have to wait for 6 to 12 months for the implants. 

FAQs on All-On-Four implants 

Who is the most suitable candidate for All-On-Four implants? 

Suitable candidates include individuals who currently wear dentures or would require them in the future. Age is not a factor but candidates should be in good general health. 

How long will the treatment take? 

The treatment can be done within one day. Most patients qualify for this kind of treatment and you can leave the practice within a few hours, wearing a perfect smile on your face. 

Will my results appear natural after the treatment?

Your new smile will empower your confidence, leaving you with your perfect smile!


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